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      • Thanks man! I have a 67 coup model 53-A and have a few questions. My left rear window is down in the door, is there a way to manually get the window up? Also i need to replace all the window switches in the drivers door. Been looking online but can’t find any. Do you know where I can find those or know someone who would sell me the switches?

        • Unless your switches are missing or totally screwed up somehow they’re repairable. Email [email protected] – he rebuilds switches.

          As for the window there’s no easy way of getting it up if the motor doesn’t work. You’ll have to pull the panel and put it up manually. It might be possible to leave it connected to the motor and mechanism but the last time I did one (drivers window on a 68) I had to disconnect it completely from the motor & roller mechanism.

          • Thanks man. I’ll check those out for the switches. Any tips on disconnecting from roller mechanism. I have door torn apart and was trying to figure out today. Will taking off the 2 lower bolts at the bottom or the window accomplish anything. I didn’t want to screw up the up stop setting on the window IMG_0241

            Thanks man. I’ll check those out for the switches. Any tips on disconnecting from roller mecha
            • Have you tried using a temporary hot & ground jumper wire on the motor to get it to go up?

            • Tried that three ways, wire direct from battery, tried from the down wire (yellow with white stripe) coming from the left down relay by using the switch on the drivers door. The down position closes the circuit, that’s how I got the window down in the first place. I also tried a wire from the common wire (red with yellow stripe). All three ways didn’t make the motor even hum. I need to get the window up somehow to get to the motor. Sorry if I’m being confusing