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    Sorry to hear the bad news! But I’m sure you’ll have it back together in no time.

    As always, I look forward to the updates!

    Resistance is Futile.


    Jason Ballard

    Thanks Jeremy. I’m pedal to the metal to get err done. Appreciate the comments!


    Jason Ballard


    So the motor ended up being fine. Long story short I installed the torque converter incorrectly. The plugs were not going thru the openings on the flex plate correctly. Nothing got damaged but having the motor ripped apart gave me the opportunity to get it cleaned up more. I have new gaskets coming to once again install the heads and get it back together. I also took some more parts to get powder coated. So more updates to come.

    More updates on the car. Waiting on new gaskets from BakersAuto I decided to finally install the Vintage Air Compac Gen II setup. Followed the instructions and things are going great. See the pics below. Also, I picked up a new rag joint rebuild kit although it was an open package and it is missing a couple of parts. I’m going to take it back and swap it out.






    Install started:




    Bulkhead install:




    Straps are from Home Depot. The mounts didn’t work exactly as I’d hoped for the Linc but no biggie. I spent less than $4 on the one metal strap from Home Depot:








    I’ve got a hose kit coming, which I never ordered. I know someone at Vintage Air so he suggested it today and I went ahead and made the purchase. Here is the hose kit I ordered: 547000: // this is the Vintage Air AC setup I decided with, although mine is slightly different its generally the same:


    I did leave some room to move the setup a tad depending on how the dash fits. Mounting the kit was not bad at all. Running the wires cleanly etc. takes a good bit of time. Of course with my OCD I actually enjoy that part the most.




Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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