• Wes replied to the topic 64 Suicide Slab "Degenerate Lifestyle" Build in the forum Suicide Slabs Build Pages 4 years, 11 months ago

    I got to do some work today finally. I finished removing the dash. Got all the A/C stuff pulled out as well. Removed about 90% of the old wiring as I’m putting all new wiring in the car. Most of the vacuum lines are removed as well. I got almost all the chrome trim removed from the interior as wel as the rear deck lid. Also removed the old battery box and the cruise control module.. I hope to get some more done tomorrow. Once I get the lift ordered for the shop and get it installed I’ll start pulling the suspension out. Then off to media blasting. Here are a couple pics from today and a sneak peek shot of a little something I have planned for her. Stay tuned..