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Waylon Kain


Car fired right up after all my prep work.

Quick list of what I did prior to trying to start it:

New Plugs all around

New Plug Wires

Cleaned points and rotor in distributor

New Fuel Filter

Ran gas line into external gas tank – as I do not know the condition of the cars gas tank, didn’t want to risk it.

dumped some good old marvel mystery oil on all 8 cylinders to insure they weren’t froze and let it sit for 24hrs.

Turned the car completely over by hand, again to insure it wasn’t frozen.

Filled radiator

attached new carb with new gasket

ran new vacuum advance lines to distributor

Oil change and new filter

checked spark – the old fashion way w/ a screw driver jammed up in a plug wire

New ignition cylinder installed due to lost keys.

Dropped in new battery

She fired right up and idled with no issues. Hell she ran better than some cars i’ve had going down the road.

We then bled all the brakes until i ran out of brake fluid. Need to re bleed them, but noticed almost all of the brake lines have some what recently been replaced. Still need to pop all the drums off and check their condition.I pulled it up and down the driveway – but due to the external gas tank sitting on the fender I didn’t venture to far.

Next step is drop the tank and check the condition of it’s internals – flush and reinstall – then see if it can’t run like it should.Oh and the top went fully down and into the trunk, deck lid even screwed into place as it should – I really feel like this car WANTS to come back to life.

Now that  I know it runs and isn’t a garage lawn ornament, i spent some time cleaning up some of the chrome.It’s amazing what a high speed orbital and some heavy cutting compound can do – then finished it up with a lot of chrome polish by hand. 55 years of build up came off in about an hour.