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Jason Ballard

Thanks guys!!!! I have a long build thread over on that “other site” but I’ll be updating here more often!

Spent several hours on the car yesterday. Finally got a pittman arm puller to remove the pittman from the steering box. Man was that thing on there!!! Finished cleaning up the steering box and painted it. Mounted the Ron Francis Wiring on a small piece of wood after I sanded it and sprayed it real quick. On Saturday I dropped the calipers off at the Napa Machine Shop to have the pistons removed and for them to be hot tanked to clean them up. Enjoy the pics below.

Calipers boxed up and ready to go to the Napa Machine Shop. My compressor broke so I only pulled 2 pistons out:

Pic from Saturday night. Wanted to capture how low the front of the car is. The tranny bolts are laid out flat!

Needs to be cleaned up but I was able to easily snap this pic with the front end disassembled

Steering box fun!

Throttle linkage scuffed and painted

Much more to come. I’m working on this thing every second I can.