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Jason Ballard

Wes, I saw Torq’d Design’s T-Bird at LST this year. Loved that thing.. such an awesome build. They sure did kill it. That sounds awesome. I’m thinking of doing a steering column now. I figured out all the wires coming from the column in the car now but I’m like hell.. why not do it.. I ran a Flaming River column in my S-10 build ( and really liked it. I think I’m going to run Digital Dakota gauges like Slammed64 did. It is just so easy how they setup their products.

I put about 5 hours into my car today. Mounted the Ron Francis Wiring brain and ran most of the wires. I still have the window wires, locks, dome light, distributor and battery cables to run. I’m sure a few other misc things. I also still need to run the wiring for my AccuAir. It is coming together!

Here a few pics from today. I plan to run TechFlex around the wiring and make it look real nice when it is fully finished.

Started the day off with my music cranked up LOL.

Laying my first bag out

Headlight switch

Used this track for now to lay the wires down and get them bundled.

You can see the wires behind the dash in this pic. Again, in the end they will be bundled up real nice. This was at least to get the lengths cut and terminated into the brain.

Much more to come. I really want to drive this thing to a local show a club puts on here in the Tampa Bay Area. Date is 2/28/15. I think next my buddy is going to paint the engine bay ( so I can then drop the motor back in… then I can figure out exactly where to mount the Vintage AC and run more wiring including the battery cables, starter wiring, etc.

Thanks again for the kind words Wes. Really liking this new site.