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Jason Ballard

Thanks Jeremy! Been hustlin’ since my last update. Buying parts, working on what I can, etc. This week the TechFlex came in (from eBay), which allowed me to route the wires in the engine bay thru it… way cleaner now! Also, the Ron Francis neutral safety switch came in and had that installed in less than 5 mins (of course I don’t have the tranny done but it is zip tied where it needs to go). Today the Ron Francis ignition switch came in so I’ll get that wired up tomorrow. Also, received from new connections (quick 8 and quick 6) from Ron Francis Wiring. This will allow me to cut off the steering column wiring plugs and then easily run the RF Wiring to the factory wiring. Last weekend I hit The Powder Room ( and got a ton of parts sand blasted. I then painted what I could. He still has to powdercoat the strut rod mounts for the front cross member and a few other misc things for me.

Factory steering column wiring –

Sand blast and paint – remember I’m not going for a full blown show vehicle here. I’m just looking to have everything nice and clean –

Rare Parts – strut rod bushing kit came with these

Pre Tech Flex

Post Tech Flex

Headlight wiring zip tied

Neutral safety switch I scored on eBay for more than half off! Brand new!!

Put the various bolts front the front end area in the vice and hit them with a wire brush / sand paper… then shot them with paint!

Some will get reused.. many will be replaced with stainless bolts I purchased in bulk from Fastenhal

Still have a big job ahead of me..rebuild the brake calipers. This is post Napa hot tanking them and getting the pistons out. I hear to hit the insides with 600 grit to clean up the cylinders.

Purchased new headlight adjustment bolts and springs, which should be in Friday or Saturday. Also, picked up some new 5/16 u bolts to replace any of mine that are too gone to cleanup. Also, scored a radiator and condenser from a local Slabside guy who posted in the FB SuicideSlab group! I’ll be getting that on Saturday!!