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Jason Ballard

As promised I did some work today on the car. The steering column wiring is wrapped up (except the horn, which I still need to run a wire for it) including the hazards. The Ron Francis Wiring is making the job a piece of cake! Very happy thus far with the outcome. I also started mocking up the front grill support and headlight brackets. I need to get some stainless nuts to go along with the stainless bolts I have. Once the new fasteners get in and the headlight bolts I’ll finish up putting the front end back together… although the grill and headlight grills still need to go out for chrome plating.

Ron Francis Wiring ignition – just need to tweak the factory piece behind it so it is tight.

This is the Mustang connector that was on my ignition wiring since I purchased it from a lady locally on eBay. If you purchase from Ron Francis Wiring they will put the correct quick 8 fitting on and provide instructions (see the pics further down) for connecting to your factory steering column wiring.

Although I took the connector off I still needed to cut off these and put the correct wiring connectors on

I really didn’t need to do shrink wrap and actually used a bit too thick of shrink wrap on the first 2 wires but I did so anyways.

My buddy got me into soldering and using this torch for my wiring projects. You cannot beat it. Super cheap at Harbor Freight vs. Home Depot etc.

With the Ron Francis Wiring ignition plug all ready to be plugged in

Next I moved to the steering column wiring. Again, I had to cut off the connector that was on the harness since it was for a Mustang. If you purchase from Ron Francis Wiring they will put the correct quick 8 connector on for you as stated above.

Factory wiring and you can see some of the connectors I changed out.

Super easy wiring diagram.

Done! I suggest NOT using any shrink wrap on this piece because it makes the wiring a bit tough to get into the plastic plug.

First time I ever put these connectors on today (surprising since I’ve done so much wiring it seems LOL)

Mocking up the front piece I painted and had sand blasted of course first.

Fear not, most bolts will be swapped for stainless or grade 8. Some washers still need to be sand blasted and painted or simply replaced.

Real happy with the POR-15 and cleanup of the headlight mounting areas

Washed off the headlight brackets before I put 1 bolt in them to mock them up for this pic

The bolt / sprint kit I purchased from eBay can be found here:

For pretty much $11 and free shipping I couldn’t beat it. My few bolts were rusted and stripped out. Also, you get the plastic mounting pieces… so when I sprayed the headlight brackets I just painted over everything… knowing I would swap out the plastic pieces etc.

More to come!!!