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I don’t know anything about that forum, but I know that some of them don’t like anything but 100 percent original cars. Some of the Facebook groups are the same way and that’s how this site and the FB group came about.

Photobucket and Flickr can host your images, and you can also host them here. I just installed a site wide photo gallery late last night. It’s working so far although it does glitch a bit on mobile devices. As long as you’re on a computer it should be fairly simple. I’ll write up a little thing on how to do create a gallery in a few minutes.

There’s no worrying about paying for bandwidth or file storage here, it’s unlimited. Though if the site does start to get a bunch of traffic there’s apt to be slowdowns in site performance. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there and look for a faster server.

Resistance is Futile.