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Jason Ballard

Once to my house, we backed the trailer up right near the front of the car…. cherry picked it out.. while lifted off the trailer I put the clips back in for the oil pan bolts (had then sand blasted) and then swung it around to drop err in. Couldn’t have went any easier.


Other updates:

Decided to retain the 67 dash vs dropping in the 65 dash I purchased. Why you ask, will be easier and allow me to focus on other things I need to work on. I also picked up some BAD ASS Digital Dakota gauges. They are going to be awesome once installed. It is one of their VHX kits and should be really sick once installed. Plus it will be super easy to adapt to the Ron Francis Wiring in the car.


I’m working on getting the transmission rebuild by Monster Transmission –>


Much more to come!