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Jason Ballard

Ok, so was getting use to Photos on my Mac since I’m testing the updated Beta version. Anyways, below are some updated pics. I know I know.. a lot hasn’t been done since last go round but I’ve been keeping busy. Pulled a motor for my buddy on his 99 Chevy, installed a B&W Turn Over Ball hitch on the Chevy 2500 tow pig, etc. etc.


Favor.. need help on this pic. Is something suppose to go in here? I want to say when I took it apart there was some sort of brilo pad looking thing in here. I’m serious.

Ok so I know the solenoid is not in the exact location it is suppose to be. Was an oversight on my part however this allowed me to cut my wires as needed. Note I used heat shrink etc. for a clean install. I’m told not to worry about the resistor wire since I’ll be running the Flame Thrower setup. Also, Ron Francis Wiring said that everything goes on one side and the starter wire is the only wire on the opposite side of all the other power wires.


Mocking up the carb. The springs will be replaced with new clean ones but wanted to at least see what I was working with.