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Jason Ballard

Thanks Darryl! I honestly don’t recall. I don’t think mine was really in that good because in the 70s or 80s it seems like they redid the vinyl top on this car. Mine seemed to come right off. I did have the glass taken out, as you may recall, and recently had it glued back in place for the time being.


Here are some more updates:


Transmission is about to go back in. I’ve been getting my ducks in a row and finally have the last piece of the puzzle solved, which was the transmission crossmember. Thanks to TonyC and a guy in the Suicide Slab FB group I was able to nail down what I needed. Got the visuals here:


Hoping the transmission goes back in tonight if there is no rain once I’m off work. Enjoy the pics. Oh and finally got around to laying down the first coat of POR-15 on the top of the floor pans. Still needs a second coat and for me to cover the bottom. I did it quickly yesterday before taking the car off the trailer since it was more at “workbench” height. Much easier on my back LOL. Removing the front bench seat was no match for me at this height.