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Ok so I took the time and knocked out the linkage setup today. After much deliberation and trial with error I got it to work flawlessly. I went an bought the extra linkage made for the ford kick down linkage, (useless)! The carb comes with all you need minus a small cotter pin. See pics I post in a few…

Removal is very typical, new carb goes right in place new gasket and all. I took off the springs connecting the kick down to the carb plate. Before putting the new carb on, I used the supplied block off nut on the bottom of the carb where the old overflow (??? ) return is… I plugged off the front 2 vaccume lines. Put that new guy on and got started on the linkage. So for the kick down I tapped and drilled for a cotter pin on the end of the linkage attached to the carb side. The original clip I cut oh the end which connected to the rod arm. I Set in the kick down in the clip and the throttle linkage and set the pin. When I started the car it idled at about 2000 rpm, I looked and the idle screw wasn’t even close so adjusting that was pointless. I disconnected the throttle linkage and (see pics ) set the linkage arm back one ball from the stock position.  Once this was done it rand like a charm, no sputter, no popping, no hesitation. This was literally right out of the box, purred like a kitten… Lol

ill attract pics but I have to figure how to upload from my phone. Here are the before pics. I hope I helped at least one person with this.. Enjoy!


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