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I’d go through the normal tuneup things – plugs, points, condenser and rotor, distributor cap, set the dwell, etc and see if that helps.

I’m fairly certain some firewall mods will be needed in order to fit a Cummins in there, and you’ll probably wind up modifying the transmission tunnel a bit too depending on what you plan to put behind that engine.

The 1960 Cummins Caddy was awful ratty, but it was awful fun too. The car was headed to the scrapyard when it was bought and rat rodded. It was far too rotten to make a nice car. The car I had planned on building, however, would have been a lot more slick.

I’m sure vintage air or someone makes a kit that’s easily adapted to the Lincoln. And don’t forget the windshield wiper setup. You’ll have to go with a custom setup there unless you plan to have new lines fabricated and tie it into the power steering system on the Cummins engine.

On another note, if you want to see how bad that Cadillac was check out this photo set :

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