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Ryan Manasco

I appreciate the feedback Jeremy! Every little piece of info helps in this type of thing.. We tuned the motor in last night so I could take a sale video of it, then proceeded to pull engine, trans, and all the a/c box from the engine bay. Next up is a blasting to prep for the mock cummins and 5 speed trans. We quickly realized that the crossmember is for a front sump and a cummins is a DEEP rear sump. So there lies problem #1. A tubular triple stacked custom crossmember should remedy that.1 But also add to it that the steering rack is located behind the ill-placed crossmember so she will be gone too. Honestly I may end up changing the entire front suspension to a crown vic or similar ride just for the ease of part replacement and updated quality. First step in car building; Be the guy with all the connections to junkyards. I’m still searching for a bolt in vintage air kit but it’s looking like we will be going with universal, along with wiper assemblies. So much to learn, so little money.. Thanks again here are some pics

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