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Jason Ballard

So I’ve been collecting more parts and steady working on the car as much as I can. Last Saturday I hit The Lincoln Ranch ( to meet up with Tim. I was in need of a driveshaft (mine has big dents in it) and misc other items. I got the parts I needed and had the driveshaft installed a few hours later after getting home. I jacked it up, threw some jack stands under it and bada bing… all done! Also, tonight I finalized the power wiring from the back of the car for the compressors and AccuAir setup. I ran the power wire up the passenger side of the car to a stud from Ron Francis Wiring. I then ran a power wire from that to the battery. It is of course on a nice Stinger fuse and a ViAir 80 amp relay for the compressors. Turned the key and bada boom! Compressors came on as expected along with the AccuAir. The last thing to do here is run each of the wiring plugs to each corner of the car. I’m going to cut the wires to the perfect length and solder them back for a nice clean install. The car is going to Blair in a week or so to dial it in before it gets cranked over. Next I need to purchase steering for the car!


Trans cooler and the steel braided line and fittings



Car has been chillin’ on the trailer since Slamfest



Driveshaft I picked up



The Lincoln Ranch – its like Heaven for a Lincoln fanatic!



Driveshaft install



More to come!