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Jason Ballard

Did some work on the Lincoln yesterday after getting home from traveling this week at work.


I used a Ron Francis Wiring stud and placed it near the wiring harness. This will be used for the stereo power wire etc. I ran the power to it for the ViAir compressors and AccuAir air mgmt system.



Pretty much finalized the AccuAir wiring install. I’m still going to cut each set of wires that goes to each corner of the vehicle and solder them back together. That way they have a perfect fit.



Threw the driver side TuffStuff spark plug wire looms on to see how they fit and worked.



Yesterday I also installed the carb studs I picked up from Advance Auto Parts. Threw in the gaskets for the carb and got it all tighten down. I’m going to send out my brake booster to be rebuilt (decided it is prob easier to go with the original one) tomorrow. Once that comes back I’ll be full throttle on getting the break lines ran etc.