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SYKO Simmons

and for another big fat update!!!!

friday started off getting a few things in order on Katies car then Saturday I went to the Moultrie swap meet with a friends son to pick up a few items that generally appear there cheaper then other places.

got her some blue dot clear headlights, some light blue welt cord and some black woven wire loom cover, not much but this stuff is crazy cheap there. We’ll hold off buying other stuff for a while yet.

then after returning from the swap meet I spent the next 8 hrs romoving the DASH and HVAC unit!!! OMG the 67 is SOOOO much more involved then the 62 its crazy!!!

now down to business, sunday rolled around and with katie taking parts off the donor car I got ready to do some cutting

when doing something like this…some serious blades are needed….seriously one blade will do this car and the donor car, they are that bad!

some much needed measuring of critical points, but mainly wheelbase from differnt points and door gaps for deflection.

now onto the fun part, the 67 is built much more heavily than the 62 so a slightly different approach will be used witch consists mainly on cutting the car in stages. First being the front end!

this process took roughly an hour or so, the metal in which the blade had to cut through was pretty thick but it still went through really easy

and here she is all cut apart and the front coming off!!

here are some pics of the front frame rails just in case you may have wanted to know

and heres a video from the heroin of this story!!