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Jason Ballard

Thanks Jeremy! Here are the latest updates. I need to get back on it.. did some work this evening.

Well a took a break on the car several weeks. Got my metal building put up and did an epoxy coating on the floor. Also spent some time organizing my tools / parts etc. I’m going to get back on the car here this week. Tonight I messed around a bit with the 65 dash cutting pieces and making templates. See the pics below…


Gotta love my wife’s duck tape. I misplaced my stuff.









I’ll be taking the car off the trailer and putting it in the workshop to start knocking out several things I have waiting to do. I have a list of parts I need to order including steering, alternator, etc. My 2 Optima Batteries (red top) came in so I’ll be ready to wire them up after I throw on the alternator.