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Jason Ballard

Ok, so this isn’t all the pics I plan to post related to wiring my window switches. As I mentioned I had not wired anything up using relays prior so this was my “test” based upon reading the thread I posted above. Many of the wires thus far I soldered but now that I know I have them wired correctly I’ll plan on placement of the relays, shortening up the wire length, etc.


A few years ago, while plotting and planning my Lincoln Continental build, I purchased relays and pigtails from I always wanted to update the wiring and get rid of the original relays etc even before I knew I would rewire the entire car.


Relays mounted to a pice of wood from my free pallets:







Workbench with the relays wired up. Yeah looks very messy. But worked to get the plan all set


The passenger rear window motor I picked up from Tim at while at his place the last time. I used this to test everything vs. having to work over at the car. Much easier on a workbench!


Lincoln Navigator driver door window switch setup I purchased from a junkyard LKQ on a holiday weekend, when they offer 1/2 off all parts!. The Navigator window switches were super easy to figure out.. they labeled them clearly on the back:



Since I’ve never attempted to use factory window switches like this, I found by trial and error that I need to send 12 volts to the B+ spade on the back of the switch. This is the window lockout for the other doors. Regardless, I put 12volts to it and it worked the way I needed it to.