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Jason Ballard

Good news bad news. Bad news I’m pulling the motor. During my clean-up of the 462 and taking it to shows etc. water got on the valley pan and ended up making it’s way down the back center bolt, which I didn’t have totally bolted down. For some reason the same size bolt as the other valley pan bolts (allen heads) needed to be shorter (back middle) and I’ve learned my lesson. Water made it’s way down there and now I’m going to blow the bottom end of the motor apart. Well I’m taking it to my favorite machine shop to blow the block apart, clean everything and reassemble everything. The good news is the rear main seals I never changed will get done… plus the entire motor will be pretty much brand new. Gonna dow new rings and hopefully will have minimal internals I’ll need to change. Although this is a minor setback I’m still highly motivated to get the car back on the road. While the motor is pulled I’ll get the entire engine bay painted, including some graphics I have up my sleeve.. I’ll have the battery tray welded in the factory spot and also have another battery tray added on the passenger side behind the motor (like Slammed_64 did). Yeah its a set back and something I caused however I’m taking it with a sense of now I can get more stuff done so this motor is bulletproof and I’ll never have to pull it again. Much more updates to come. Car is back in my home workshop.. first time ever inside at my place. I have a week’s vacation coming up soon and I’ll have the motor out in a few hours. Heads, fan, manifolds, etc. are all already off.


Other good news is I got the steering reservoir filter in.I do know that John Cashman and others have stated it is not necessary however I had already purchased it and my mechanic, whom I mentioned before is friends with John, said why not throw it in. Once the motor is back in he is going to come to my place to help me dial it in before it is cranked over.