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Dimitri Gerard

As the paint trouble came out
my first thought was to take a closer look @ the engine
As the mechanic drive it on the car bridge we here a loud sound.
Immediately shut down the car .
Just to be Shure it was the car and not the bridge that made that sound we started the car.
Oil pressure gone. ( shutdown immediately again).
I fear the worst and left my mechanic to look at .
My mental state was low , I fair that my first dream ride was gone.
My mechanic when to work as fast as he could to find out what happened.
Soon enough he found the problem, my oil driveshaft was twisted like candy.
I think I was lucky there that was the only thing that broke.
Just replaced it and after a thorough review and a major maintenance.
He replaced the carb by a edelbrock 600 and the replace the ignition by an electronic one.
So now I could drive it as is, and enjoy driving it for a while.