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Hey there, Dimitri. Welcome to the site!

Years ago I owned a 65 Lincoln Continental that started out in similar shape. I too had the oil pump shaft bend, however mine was due to the factory timing chain losing some of the nylon teeth on the cam gear due to old age and wear. Did you pull your engine apart and having the timing set replaced? If not I’d highly suggest doing so if it’s still got the factory parts.

I also had to replace the factory valve springs and some pushrods. Several pushrods had bent and the springs were weak. I also changed the valve stem seals while I was at it. Normally one would have to pull the cylinder heads off to do the work, but they make an adapter that you can use to fill the cylinders with compressed air to hold the valves in place and there’s a valve spring compressor too made just for doing springs with the heads still on the car.

My car also had some rot in the deck lid and hood. I ended up patching both with good results. Good luck!

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