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Waylon Kain

Gave the beast an oil change, replaced the plugs and plug wires this weekend. Also cleaned the distributor points and rotor and found out i only needed to add brake fluid to get some break power – albeit not much – but some. Got a new used 2 barrel bolted down and almost hooked up. Good news was the oil wasn’t full of metal shavings or water , it was old – but clean enough. Also the trans fluid is red and clear – found some paper work that shows the trans was pulled and rebuilt in 2004 – which means?? the engine must’ve been running in 2004, or why would you worry about the trans? so. all good signs. all good news. ¬†From what i can tell the 38K on the car might be original miles – the story i’m piecing together is that the guy who bought it new in 61 also had a total of 7 other cars at the time – which meant this never got driven. He sold it to a woman in 1975 and from what i can tell it was last legally registered in 1980. My guess is the transmission blew and they parked it – from what i’m told the trans were prone to go bad on these. Just a theory.


Btw. found two of these in the block – now that is one old ass plug.