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  • I have replaced the vacuum tubing in the engine compartment .  There is a manifold on the fire wall and the tubing that passes through the firewall  pushes onto this manifold. so pull off the old and push on the new.  Same inside under the dash. 

  • Bob Hughes replied to the topic gas tank in the forum General Discussion 5 years, 1 month ago

    probably too late but  my tankwas badly rusted and I cleaned it out with a  50/50 mix of water and muriatic acid.  Then I soldered on 14 patches on the outside of the tank over the holes then got a seal kit from my local jobber and lined the inside of the tank by rolling the tank around.  It worked.  The tank has been in use now for  1/12 years…[Read more]

  • I,d like to clarify my query.  Can I disconnect the engine compartment tubing from the  fire wall or does the tubing pass through the firewall?  from the interior  I can see what looks like a block that may be a junction block or a manifold?  I was hoping that tubing pushes on to this block

  • I converted my 64 to front disc brakes.   A company called  Scarebird Classic Brakes  will send you the bracket and a list of off the shelf calipers and rotors you can pick up from your local jobber  or on line..  Mine were from a  90 GMC 1/2 ton pickup .  To get this done I sent him my spindles and he made the brackets using my spindle…[Read more]

  • I,d like to replace the vacuum tubing inside the engine compartment while I have the engine out. I would like to know if the engine compartment tubing goes through the firewall into a manifold/junction box. Can I access this connection from the engine compartment or do I have to disconnect the tubing inside the interior? Does the tubing plug…[Read more]

  • I own a 64 Lincoln. All Stock except for 18 inch wheels and lowered 2 inches. Body and paint done. Interior in excellent shape. Engine will be rebuilt this winter. Originally from San Jose Ca. came to Canada in 1981. was in storage for 34 years when I found it