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    Socal Jon

    I have a 1964 Continental… love the car! I bought it on Jan of 2018 (needed a new project) I have been working on it non stop since I took possession. I bagged it, and I have been looking for some type of shock relocation kit since. I have seen people take Impala relocation kits.. modify them and mount them behind the bag (toward the cabin)… they would drill new holes… drill into the control arm… and “make it work”. I also looked over a Ride Tech setup for control arms with the shock mount… geez… expensive! I was stumbling across the various Lincoln friendly sites… and I found this….


    Wow… Awesome price… exactly what I was looking for. I called them to get more details… They said that they just released it and I would be one of the first to get them. I jumped right on it. I clarified if you have to remove the sway bar, and they confirmed that it would not be needed since I am running a bagged system. I was actually happy about it, because all those bushings on my car were pretty rotted out.

    I received the package after a few days… man.. their stuff is heavy duty. Not that cheap China stuff.. the bars were burly, and the mount was nice and thick.  After work, I decided to try to tackle the project… so easy. Overall, it took me a few hours to finish it all up. After you do one side, the other side is cake. A little tip, don’t over torque the self tapping screws for the shock mount… just take your time..

    This is just some good info for those of you who are bagged and are looking for shocks up front. I am not sponsored by them, I just thought I would help the fellow man out… especially since I am finding out how hard it is to find parts, and the community is fairly small.. so there is a decent amount of info out there (if you look really hard).. but not nearly as much for other makes. Hope this helps everyone else out…


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