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    Hi everyone !! New to the website. Just picked up a 1964 Lincoln a couple of weeks ago, and am in the process of lowering it. This car comes with 4 mufflers. Do I have to have all 4 ? Was thinking about eliminating the 2 that are above the rear axle. Would make rear air bag installation easier. Appreciate any ones help


    Thanks, Dan


    JJ Cummings

    Yeah I think a lot of the bagged cars are running just the 2 mufflers and removing the resonators. I ve got my 64 that way with flowmaster series 44 mufflers, its quite a bit louder than stock that way though.

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    Yeah you don’t necessarily need the ones above the rear axle. I’ve previously had 5 Lincolns and I just ran mufflers at the rear tucked up into that quarter panel area. It’ll be louder than stock depending on what muffler you run, but even with glass packs on my old 65 it wasn’t too loud.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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