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    Dimitri Gerard

    About 3 years ago I got myself my first American classic
    I was looking for something special , one that we do not see every day
    My eye felt on a continental , the owner wanted to get rid of so it was the time to make a bargen.
    Well as usual I was blinded by my emotion and fell in love with it , did not make any effort to look at it as I should have.

    After a quick talk and 7500dollars de deal was done
    I was the pride owner of a 65’ Lincoln Continental.

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    Dimitri Gerard

    As the paint trouble came out
    my first thought was to take a closer look @ the engine
    As the mechanic drive it on the car bridge we here a loud sound.
    Immediately shut down the car .
    Just to be Shure it was the car and not the bridge that made that sound we started the car.
    Oil pressure gone. ( shutdown immediately again).
    I fear the worst and left my mechanic to look at .
    My mental state was low , I fair that my first dream ride was gone.
    My mechanic when to work as fast as he could to find out what happened.
    Soon enough he found the problem, my oil driveshaft was twisted like candy.
    I think I was lucky there that was the only thing that broke.
    Just replaced it and after a thorough review and a major maintenance.
    He replaced the carb by a edelbrock 600 and the replace the ignition by an electronic one.
    So now I could drive it as is, and enjoy driving it for a while.


    Dimitri Gerard

    After a few week I decided that I needed to know what the problem was under need that pain.
    I made the decision whatever the problem I would tackle it myself.
    After a few pokes whet a screwdriver , the problem came to light ROT , rot and more rot.



    Hey there, Dimitri. Welcome to the site!

    Years ago I owned a 65 Lincoln Continental that started out in similar shape. I too had the oil pump shaft bend, however mine was due to the factory timing chain losing some of the nylon teeth on the cam gear due to old age and wear. Did you pull your engine apart and having the timing set replaced? If not I’d highly suggest doing so if it’s still got the factory parts.

    I also had to replace the factory valve springs and some pushrods. Several pushrods had bent and the springs were weak. I also changed the valve stem seals while I was at it. Normally one would have to pull the cylinder heads off to do the work, but they make an adapter that you can use to fill the cylinders with compressed air to hold the valves in place and there’s a valve spring compressor too made just for doing springs with the heads still on the car.

    My car also had some rot in the deck lid and hood. I ended up patching both with good results. Good luck!

    Resistance is Futile.


    Dimitri Gerard

    Hi Jeremy , thanks for the advice. I will have to take a look @ that !
    A bit of rot did not scare me of , just gave me the push to decide to strip it all and make shure all the rot and rust is gone. The more pain I took of the more rust and rot came to light.


    Dimitri Gerard

    Aboud 6 layers of paint later , some cool grafict came to light.


    Jason Ballard

    Good luck man. I love the dedication you have to your car. It will be GREAT when it is finished and you will really enjoy it. Keep up the hustle and hard work.


    Dimitri Gerard

    THX Jason, car is already finished.
    And as you say i did enjoy it , for now it is waiting for me to find a new transmission.
    But I’m far from there with my pictures 😉
    The only option when you see rust and rot is to replace it .


    Dimitri Gerard

    Loads of sheet metal later , it was time to protect what I rebuild.
    all welding haze been covered with melted thin.
    I think I did a good job cause I only had to use 2kg of bondo on it and 50% hade to be sanded of again.


    Dimitri Gerard

    As I had to rip out everting and don’t like do half work, I decided to tackle everything.
    Interior , electrics ………………..

    Electrics all new cabel back to front and front to back ………….


    Dimitri Gerard

    As always jumping from on thin to the other . maybe not everyone cup of tea
    But I like my ride low very low
    So I got myself some lowering blocks that was my first mistake as they don’t fit a Lincoln

    So I hade to make some myself.

    I model it from a original plate that was under the leaf springs


    Dimitri Gerard

    The moment i been waiting for Paint boot time !!

    Lets make a Choise


    Dimitri Gerard

    Just to keep up the suspense some other work that needed attention ( CHROME ) and loads of it !



    And id did aboud 1000 bolds and nuts all by hand.


    Dimitri Gerard

    I look everywhere to find a descend steering wheel, with no luck.
    So had to find a solution and I’m very happy with the results.
    As the Lincoln logo inside was completely broken and it looks very bad.

    As you can see the steering wheel had his best days 40 years ago

    The result with some cycle terrorist tape;-)


    Dimitri Gerard

    Every ride need some nice wheels .

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