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    Sean Nelso

    Our 1965 Lincoln has been in  barn for 30 years.  Body is in good shape, the rest is a disaster.  Who should we contact about full restoration?  We talked to someone in Homer Glen but the estimate was $100,000+ ?!   We are hoping to find someone that does Lincolns in particular that might be more reasonable.  Car was my father in law’s who passed away in 2002.  Car is very valuable to my wonderful wife.



    Sean, where are you located?  There are several qualified people to work on your Lincoln, it just depends on where you live

    Resistance is Futile.


    John Brewer


    Feel free to give me a call. I do not do restoration myself, but know everybody in the Lincoln world and would be happy to point you in the right direction and help with whatever parts you will need.

    John Brewer

    Brewer Classic Lincoln

    303 562-8368



    Not to hijack this thread but I reciently started restoring my 65 as well, to be honest I now own 3.. I am in the Detroit area and in need of a very good body guy.. I’m doing 2 complete restorations all 3 are 65’s.. any info would be great. My address is [email protected].   Thank you in advance!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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