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    SYKO Simmons

    Im just finally starting a build thread foir my daughters 1967 Lincoln Continental vert “SIREN”

    like my other build this is a basket case build, a build started from a car witch no one would believe would ever see the road again. These in fact are my favorite builds, ones that all your talent and heart is poured into. Much like myself my daughter is strong willed and dosnt know the meaning of NO.

    Her car was Found by some Awesome SUICIDESLABS members as a post on craigslist, After being alerted to it I quickly asked a local member to check it out. He in turn gave me a pretty decent account of its condition and through networking the car was purchased, stored, and finally transported to its new home here in South Georgia.

    Like I said her car is a basket case and just basically a rolling shell. Witch while most would cringe at its sight and amount of work needed to get going is EXACTLY what I was looking for… the fact that its a VERT only sweetens the deal.

    With that in mind I started the long process of locating certain things witch at this time are still being worked out.

    things I already have is a 67 donor sedan, that most parts will be used from for this build, glass, trim, body panels, interior etc…etc…

    This was the only pic available from the craigslist add

    not much to go by but from what I read it was exactly what I was looking for

    and the 67 sedan I allready had was chock full of the parts that I needed to put into the Vert

    AFter it sat as beautiful yard art at Member Chris Browns house in Kissimee Fla for a few months, I went down to look my purchase over and get it ready for transport, Then another member Tony Bolin came through and dropped it off on his way to procure more craziness itself in Ohio.

    here it is dissasembeled at Chris’s house

    got some tires on it and put the panels all together on it and ready for transport

    then waited a few weeks for Tony to roll through!

    since Katie has known about this car from its purchase she has thought about how she wanted it done and colors and such

    shge picked out a pretty awesome color for it

    a tri stage color changing paint that I think will kill on this vert! not your typical black Continental

    then I decided to take her ideas and roll them together and had A close personal freind of mine do a commisioned rendering of her car to better get an idea and a goal to look forward too

    hope you guys are ready for an equaly awesome build that will push the envelope of new ideas for these cars!



    I’m looking forward to following this bad ass build!

    Resistance is Futile.


    Jason Ballard

    Bad ass man. Can’t wait to see it come together. Good chilling’ with you yesterday in Lakeland.


    SYKO Simmons

    not a whole lot to post right now

    got her up on stands

    then got the doors off and continued to take measurments,the good thing is even though its pretty beat the main structure is solid and there is zero deflection anywhere in the body.

    I also created a GOFUNDME account please be respectfull about it and at least read it please

    stay tuned I got a big update to do VERY SOON!


    SYKO Simmons

    told you there was a big update!!

    DONOR CAR!!!

    2004 lincoln towncar great shape except some driver quarter damage

    near perfect interior runs great with under 100k in miles

    now its going to get CUT!!


    SYKO Simmons

    her car is going to be so much better than mine!! damn im jelous!!! lmao


    SYKO Simmons

    had a slow day at work so I had the chance to do alittle dissembly to the car! more to come!

    essential tools for this job

    got the drivers outer fender off pretty quickly

    alot more to come this weekend!! I cant wait to get to choppin!!



    SYKO Simmons

    and for another big fat update!!!!

    friday started off getting a few things in order on Katies car then Saturday I went to the Moultrie swap meet with a friends son to pick up a few items that generally appear there cheaper then other places.

    got her some blue dot clear headlights, some light blue welt cord and some black woven wire loom cover, not much but this stuff is crazy cheap there. We’ll hold off buying other stuff for a while yet.

    then after returning from the swap meet I spent the next 8 hrs romoving the DASH and HVAC unit!!! OMG the 67 is SOOOO much more involved then the 62 its crazy!!!

    now down to business, sunday rolled around and with katie taking parts off the donor car I got ready to do some cutting

    when doing something like this…some serious blades are needed….seriously one blade will do this car and the donor car, they are that bad!

    some much needed measuring of critical points, but mainly wheelbase from differnt points and door gaps for deflection.

    now onto the fun part, the 67 is built much more heavily than the 62 so a slightly different approach will be used witch consists mainly on cutting the car in stages. First being the front end!

    this process took roughly an hour or so, the metal in which the blade had to cut through was pretty thick but it still went through really easy

    and here she is all cut apart and the front coming off!!

    here are some pics of the front frame rails just in case you may have wanted to know

    and heres a video from the heroin of this story!!


    SYKO Simmons

    got a little more cut out, these 66 up cars are loads different in construction as opposed to earlier models like my 62… way heavier and alot more involved in cutting it

    got some bracing in so it dosnt folt up

    and after a ridiculous amount of time got the middle floor cut out

    rocky always checking out progress

    anyone interested in a floor? with partial front torque boxes attached lol

    well thats all for now…im hoping to have the rest cut out by the end of the comming week!



    It’s crazy how sturdy the 66 – 69 cars are. Years ago I had a 69 that was stolen, partially stripped, and wrecked to the pointed of being totaled. Even with all the damage the car took the 4 doors opened and closed perfectly and the structure of the car was sound.

    I’m looking forward to the updates!

    Resistance is Futile.


    SYKO Simmons

    Sorry its been awhile since my last update, the holidays, work and other things always tend to interfere but we haven’t stopped working on it! his a little update of whats been going on.

    the main thing is I brought her donor car home, which is one fine car to be chopping up~! lol but it will give her car a great platform to be reliable and comfortable for her.

    heres how she currently sits and in a week or two will be a rolling chassis!



    As always, I look forward to more updates on this!

    Resistance is Futile.



    Any new updates?

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