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    SYKO Simmons

    well….most can understand how much is involved in rebuilding these cars…. I bet nearly none can understand what im allready halfway accomplished under your noses to my car… as all plans nothing ever goes right with them… mostly time.. But I’m sticking to my guns. And by september my car will once again drive… not finished but partialy. What are the mods? very extensive to say the least, like what? try new suspension, drivetrain, interior, wiring the list goes on and on… did I rebuild the original? did I add new one off parts…neither. How about everything except the outside will be manufactured from 1999 up 😯 thats right EVERYTHING from the drivetrain, suspension, interior to the frame that these cars were never equiped with.

    let your imaginations run wild with this pic

    now dont think playing detective will get you any more ahead then what I posted, I have a whole memory card full of pics that I like to post late :smt006 im much more ahead then what I have in my abums.

    im sure the purists will cringe and have nightmares becouse of me, but frankly I dont care my car my vision and I will enjoy the outcome just as much if not more then you will ever imagine 😈

    when done while your constantly chasing worrysome vacume leaks and electrical problems and searching for those hard to find parts… I will be cruising down the interstate choppin ant heads off at 80mph in overdrive with the ac kicking and the cruise set knowing that any problem that I may run into any local napa or advance will have my part I need in stock. :smt005


    SYKO Simmons

    Is that the same car? After all your work restoring the front end you cut the bottom and front off?

    U sic 😈

    hahahahhaa!! it was a necessity, every spot weld was cut out and the front was seperated from the uniframe. The course in wich im taking the car made me have to do that to fit parts together and correctly weld everything. dont worry the front and fenders are put up nicely in the side shop :smt008


    the front end

    here how it looks with just the outside of the fenders taken off


    SYKO Simmons

    here it is on the body dolly I quicly constructed to take it to the shop so I can prep the inside to fit


    SYKO Simmons

    I see no braces for the body not to move or does it matter??

    Really cool build excited to see the rest.

    trust me I did alot of thinking on this and after looking at the underside for more then a few hours before doing my cutting and see how the unibody was constructed to ensure strengh and were to cut and not to cut I went and got my tram gauge and did a notebook full of measurements. As I started cutting I stoped periodicaly to remeasure not one time durring thr process did the outside distort or inside for that matter. Every cross measurment and diamond measurment is still perfect, since the acutual strengh through the car is in the rockers it keeps the car rigid, in fact if I pick up on the right front corner when it was on jackstands instead of bending slightly from the weight it simply came up all three jackstands and teeterd on the far left stand indicating alot of sructrual integrety even though the middle was missing out of it. As it sits on the dolly now its still all in the measurments I originaly took, but i will cross brace it when it comes time do lower it onto the other chassis, that way I can insure it always statying especialy when welding everything back together.

    ok, i see the towncar in the back of pic 1. I cant wait to see the progress. you need HID headlights.

    good eye I was actually waiting to see if someone was going to pick that out… it is in fact a 1999 lincoln towncar… why use a differnt model other then a lincoln? the wheelbase is close enough I can work with the differences with minor modifications all the other measurements are really close when I start posting the pics of the 99 cut apart and the measurments of both you will see how well this will actually work.

    I know there are alot of older guys here are thinking that im just some back woods redneck thats cutting apart a perfectly good car but the factof the matter is Ive been cutting cars apart and putting them back together since 98 im a well experienced heavy damage repair tech and the only one of two in the repair shop that is allowed to do heavy damage vehicle repair. This project while being large isnt much differnt then what I do on a daily basis when Im taking nealry new cars down to nothing and rewelding framerails and floor pans inner structures and otter panels to bring it back to before accident condition. Ive done this work for many years besides custom work and yet to have anything come back becouse of either my lack of inteligence and understanging of what im doing. I will succeed at this and like I said before this project is rolling about a month ahead of the photos I add so I can say everything is going great.


    SYKO Simmons

    got my new concept drawing back today, I like the original silver and black but thought it was probably done to death allready, and I wanted some kolor! plus I have nearly all these colors sitting on a shelf allready so why not?! I like it any way and thats all that matters. Some pinstriping and light leafing and I think it will be sic! 😎

    compaired to the original concept drawing


    SYKO Simmons

    well nibblin around right this minute, both rear doors are done and finishing up some smaller parts that needed to be stripped and primed down.



    SYKO Simmons

    heres a teaser + im having trouble getting my pics off my jump drive to upload….grrrrrrr if I loose all the pics from the work done im going to muder someone 👿

    on four wheels again…



    SYKO Simmons

    ok since I posted up the teaser pic lets see how we got to that point

    ok back to my 99 many hours of dismantling it and cutting metal off making sure parts were still usuable later if needed on anything else, all the while taking measurments and going between both cars to make sure I cut enough and not to much off the 99 to make the 62 shell fit Ill let the pics do the esplaining how much material was taken off to work


    basicaly all metal from the inner rocker panel out had to be removed the wheel houses I decided to remove as it would be easier to make new ones then try to make each line up as the measurments in height were way off between the two plus the depth was way off.


    SYKO Simmons

    and now getting ready to mate the two halves

    got the 62 up on the open lift and welded the outer rocker together as its in two peices

    the 99 waiting patiently to be unloaded



    SYKO Simmons

    and he we are working on putting the the halves together, we had to finish up grinding the surfaces on the 99 and trimming some metal out around the A piller and the top of the cowl so the windsheild will sit flush.

    all and all we had it up and down about 20 times it took us only about 5 hours to get from two parts to one

    here is where we used a porta power to stretch the 62 wider to fit over the top of te 99 inner rocker as it did a .90 out and a .90 up once stretched open we could set it down all the way and when the pressure was released it snapped tight under the edge and fit perfect

    here it is sitting together all on its own

    and here we are all together all I did at this time was do some stich welds to hold it together



    SYKO Simmons

    well I only have my lunch break and a hour or two after work to do alittle work to this doll im by no means rushing this job but things seem to be pluggin along quite nicely.

    here is the rear body panel area the 62 lapped the 99 body panel reinforcement perfectly enought to punch in some spot weld holes and firmly weld up the rear body panel, there is a few welds needed to be completed on it but for the most part its done.

    this is the body panel trimmed over the 99 panel notice the frame reinforcement of the 99 below overything. went ahead and welded it up after spraying weld through primer between the panels.

    had a bit of left over primer from a job so I sprayed it to cover it up right now but the back is nearly finished except for some good seam sealer

    now it was onto the back deck trunk reinforcments I only have a small amount of 16 gauge for the heavier stuff I need for this car

    bent up my brakets with my little trusty sheet metal break

    hole punched my spot weld holes, weld through primed them down both sides and welded it up

    solid as ever!

    for something crazy here is the planned area were Im putting my hydro pump! this is just moked up of course, im going to make it remote fill and the dumps wont be located on the pump. The reason behind all this is to keep the trunk as open as much as possible and just to be differnt as well, this car isnt going to be doing any hoppin just lift and lay.

    also note this isnt the actually pump ill be using either

    and there is room for the pump to be there as well I measured it all out once I box the A piller in I will make a mount setup to mount he pump where its removable from behind the wheel house.



    SYKO Simmons

    I had a hour after work friday and decided to see how bad the front end will have to be modded to make work so I went to town on the front of my car. Now this by no means is nothing more then just a mock up right now I want to get the main body and the suspension doen before I get to the front.

    first I had to cut the front cross reinforcement off the 99 frame and notch alittle bit of the frame to make the front of the 62 slide in.,

    heat saw at work

    then I slid the front end on and clamped everything together to see how everything fit

    I got tons of room to put my radiator/condensor and fans back infront of the motor, plus some other stuff…lol

    and this is where my car sits for this weekend :happysad:
    but on a good note I picked up my sheet of 18 gauge metal so I can start boxing and tubbin in my main body 😉



    SYKO Simmons

    thanx for the props homies! 😎

    not much to show just pluggin along Ive been working on cleaning up the A piller and boxing them in, I plan on getting all the welding done to the car then Ill seam it all in so everything looks clean and factory fresh 😉

    got my sheet of 18 guage to do everything with! :biggrin:

    putting the panels in

    thats it for now 😉


    SYKO Simmons

    Need more updates!!!!

    Also.. what are you doing for drivetrain? The 4.6 will be a little underpowered wont it?

    I dont understand why everyone would keep thinking that, I have a 4.6 in my 97 truck and it ripped 96mph in the quarter mile its xcab as well seems to haul it around as well.

    now as for weight

    when the underbody of the 62 was completly removed I could physicaly pick up the complete shell of it and move it myself (standing inside behind the B pillers- mind you I am also quite big and strong lol) so I estimate the shell od the 62 to be roughtly 300 lbs or just alittle over

    now the metal from my 99 was alot heavier then the 62 so when the 62 was put onto the 99 base it didnt even sag the suspension an inch thats why in the pics it looks to be sitting so high the suspension is maxed out upwards!

    once complete I plan on weighing the car the way Im figuring it should actually come out lighter then the 99 wich overall is lighter then the 62

    short week since I only work on this during my lunch break and a few mins here and there after work

    working on making the trunk filler panels and started on the wheel tubs

    im hoping by the end of next week ill have the whole back trunk/ rear deck/ wheelhouses completely welded in.


    SYKO Simmons

    not much of an update weve been super busy at work and Ive had to leave and do some errends durring lunch so I only got a few hours in on it this past week, I plan on alot more the comming week and plan on nearly a whole day on it next sat most likely Ill finish up all the main welding then 😎

    still working on the trunk making the filler panels came out looking good and everythign fitting tight

    here is the inside tubs, I dont have a metal shrinker so I had to do the next best thing but since it will be all seam sealed up the finished product will look like anly factory job 😉

    here is the rear seat BOLTED in to test fit the front tubs wich cant be straight up and down but curved so that presented a problem first here is the seat

    ahhhhh yeaaaa beutifull!

    and after thinking and thinking….I happened to look at one of my racing engines and nocticed the sectional pipe on it (2-stroke) and it hit me do the front tubes in sections and walla! works great and the seat fits perfect to it!

    thats it for now hopefully next sat Ill post an almost finished welded panels and all to the body pic set! :cheesy:

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