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    SYKO Simmons

    back for some updates!

    finaly tired of riding static and decided if I dont get my ass in gear ill have paint on this unit before the hydraulics are working!! soo…. I allready have my plans laid out to order a few things but I went ahead and setup a single dump gate pump for the rear and hooked it up so I can lift the rear for some travel again…little did I know in my infinite wisdom of hyrdraulics I went with a too tall of a cylinder and they hit the underside of my deck when hitting a heavy bump….doh! and durrrr…. I should have known better but sometimes I just see got some 8 inch cyls comming next week that will fix that slight problem… 😆 🙄

    also got tired of my roof lookin like dook so in the little bit of free time at work I welded the emblem holes up, seamed sealed the drip channels and blocked the roof

    then threw on some primey prime……..cant wait to finish up the body work on the right side!!

    ill do some more work next week for sure!! hopefully I will be ordering my manifolds for my hydro pump and finaly finish my suspension!! 😈


    SYKO Simmons

    slow day at work resulted in this


    heres the old one….still worked but weeping out water steadily

    got my 4 inch cylinders in yesterday as well 😎

    comming together :dance:


    SYKO Simmons

    made me a remote fill tank for my hydraulic pump hidden in the fender…\

    used part of a pump resivior

    mounted up squeeky clean

    still got to weld a bung under it to hook a line to the pump resi but its close

    also finly got started on my right side pipes and extending my rocker like the left…


    SYKO Simmons

    had some custom spoons made of my design so I can straighten up the camber on the front, using heavy duty 2500 balljoints it did the trick, now my tires are perfect vertical rolling low. made of 1/2 because I dont need nothing heavier for this application.


    SYKO Simmons

    also finaly did the body work to the trunk lid along with the lower right quarter panel, its all roughed out in those areas now, so im just left with some upper fender work


    SYKO Simmons

    well I started back on trying to get the rough bodywork done to this monster so got onto the front end again

    getting the body up top to match the hood and blocking the rest out halfway decent

    hood fit alot nicer now

    also blocked and did addtional work to the fenders as well along with blocking and repriming the roof

    and for the first time in a long time it was solid again


    SYKO Simmons

    well got back on it again doing smaller spots like welding holes up and smothing over bad spots

    along with finaly smoothing out the fender jambs and sealing them in well

    then I decided to throw on some color on the outside at least till I have all my ducks in a row, then do my final paint only after I have my wheels, new chrome, full interior…etc…etc… no reason to paint it all wild and put junk back on it…

    prepping her down

    in the booth, getting ready


    SYKO Simmons

    out after two cure cycles… it pinched up some but it will be a good solid base to fix all the body imperfections and other things that may pop up before I do my final paint

    nothing special about the paint right now, just a black Limco Singlestage, witch I got to thank Accurate Auto Paint in Valdosta, GA the hookup

    its a 20 footer right now, wich im happy about. I drive my car every day and shinny black is a whole lot better than ghetto shadetree faded primer black any day lol


    SYKO Simmons

    finaly started putting on some of the trim Ive had put up for years back on

    here she is sipping at the pump

    got some more stuff to post later…stay tuned!


    SYKO Simmons

    what im working on now for her

    this will take the place of the old fener gate pump ive been running, this will give me alot more movement as well.


    SYKO Simmons


    SYKO Simmons

    got the pump filled and ready togo in

    it was a pig making it fit in… I knew it would be tight in there but damn…lol…beats having it taking up space in the trunk

    made a quick template for a close out panel ill get some sheetmetal to make thse out next week

    all I got to do now is run my battery wiring and hook up the solonoid and install the front cyls and she’ll be back adjustable again!



    Hell of a build man.. Glad to see it over here.

    Instagram @wesakin


    SYKO Simmons

    some new shots of everyday life

    just crushing grass

    finally got my pump and manifold situated the way I want it, resides behind passenger front tire

    just enjoying local cruis-ins

    got to take my equally awesome daughter to a Halloween party in the big Linc

    just strutting its stuff!


    SYKO Simmons

    did alittle work on making some back interior stereo speaker pods, my next main adventure is sorting out the interior this summer along with some stereo

    first fabbed up the backing board and speaker pod and test fit

    then I stretched some material over it all and fiberglassed it

    got them all smoothed out

    then covered them in some temporary material until everything is ready to be done.

    and that’s done…next im onto making the door panels next

    and picked me up a few small goodies

    maltese cross cast covers for my lakes pipes

    my little homie rocky approves, said Bark Bark

    and some windshield wiper bullets

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