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    SYKO Simmons

    had a chance to work on this saturday for a few hours I wanted mainly to finish up the welding on the rear of the car (trunk/rear wheelhouse) and clean up a few things

    underside welded and seamed in

    I know alot of you guys will hate me for this but oh well im hated allready anyway lol

    at least its suicide……whahahahahahaha!

    thats it for that part right now

    well I was tired of the inside being all junky so I cleaned it all out vacumed it then set the seats in for a visual

    im going to lower the back of the back seat a few inches to give a bit more rear window visability and take the headrests off the front but other then that no other mods to the interior.

    thats it for now

    next week window frame welding!


    SYKO Simmons

    well big bummer that my supremes didnt fit…so I sold them :smt010 and I knew what I wanted and came up on a good deal for a set so hopefully after next week ill be getting a set of 15×7 standard 40spoke starwires! 😯 😀

    I guess ill get some three wing spinners for them or maybe some bullets but ive never seen starwires with bullets so im unsure how it may look, most likely going to run some pinner whites untill I get some fatwalls later when its all finished painted 8)


    SYKO Simmons

    gooooooooiiinnnnnnnggggg DOWN……….. 😈

    now started on cutting everything out and mounting the hydraulic cylinders

    once I get all this mounted the way I want it to be ill get rolling on putting the front sheet metal on 😉


    SYKO Simmons

    just been slowly making all the mounts for the hydraulic pumps and welding in the front pumps, ordered a new spline key for the pump and some cylinder rebuilds for the front I got to go pick up some fittings that I need to use and order hopefully the manifold to controle everything next week

    making the mount for pump

    the pump is bolted in through the door jamb it will be easily accessable, these are the bolts that will hold it I still have to weld sleeves around them yet

    clearing hole cut for power to the pump motor I will run the wire inside of course there will be a rubber grommet around it

    the pump head

    plenty of pump and manifold space

    on the driver side is where I want to mount the optima battery in a vertical position there wasnt enough room for it to go in between so I make a indented box so it will fit fine

    still have alot of bracing and welding yet to do on this yet but its moving along

    front frame cut out nad 1/4 plates welded in for the front cylinders 6 inch prohoppers

    I may in the meantime just hook up 2 dumps and tee off some lines just to lift until I get a manifold for it

    and there ya go :smt006


    SYKO Simmons

    just did some minor stuff this week ill finish up all the underfender stuff next week 😎

    pump spacers made and pump mounted anf the fender mounted to show the clearence that is avail

    then since I wasnt happy with the battery indention made on the driver side I made a heavy duty box to mount the battery and got that tacked in

    battery looks right at home in there 😉

    ill get the pump and battery all welded up next week and all the gussets put in

    also nabbed me some 14 inch steels to put on still have to get older spindles for the front yet.



    SYKO Simmons

    Looking Good.

    thanx man! ill get with you after thanksgivin to get that lid out of your way :smt006

    any way slow week all I did was finish mounting the pump brakets up and welding them in and welding the battery box in solid still need to make a lower reinforcement but I broke my cutter as I was making it so Ill get a new blade next week.

    then went to the big ass swap meet out here to look for some wheels, I had 4 sets that I had picked out around the meet and was going to bite on a set when my homie called me up and said a buddy of ours was ready to sell a set so I went with them and picked them up tonight 😉

    got me some NOS spinners from the swap meet for cheap 😎

    I love it when a plan comes together 😎

    need to get me some pinner whites this week and mount these wheels and then stop bullshittin and get this thing going


    SYKO Simmons

    well the holidays slowed me down plus waiting on my metal etc etc etc……

    any way got my 1×1 and 2×2 16 gauge chromoly tubing, two sticks totaling more then 40ft dosnt add that much to the over all weight added to the car

    my tubing awaiting its fate 😈

    now that I had my metal to build the front end I mocked up the front end complete measure out square up and down and side to side

    then I added a quick jig holding the front end together square so I can make the body mounts and tie everything together finaly

    now I deciced against my sheet metal body mount idea previsouly mocked up in cardboard it just looked well….ghetto 🙄 so I had some large tubing cut so I can make some nice heavy duty body mounts

    now here is where I added the main structure tubing from the fire wall to the front structure the 2×2 went right into where the factory main upper beam was previsouly

    the inside tubing where thein side of the hood lip is was added there is a slight bend to the body where there isnt any to the tubing this will be taken car of when the finish work to the body will be done

    now with the upper tubes in place (everything is not finish welded at the moment BTW)

    I added the body suports to the frame mounts to tie in the front end

    I decided to use 1 3/4 round tubing to make it easy

    now with the front end mounted I took out the jig temporaly holding the front together

    and started to work on adding the radiator brakets and upper support

    the lower 62 suport was cut for clearence and the only part of the 99 used on the front was the lower tie bar where the radiator mounted was cleaned trimmed and spot welded onto the 62 lower suport

    now with the lower in I could add the top suport

    with it added and measured in I set the radiator back in and tacked the upper radiator brakets just temporaly to hold the radiator in and also to get a visual how everything will look and fit

    then I added some diagnal suport bars to the upper radiator suport these also may be used to mount a trans cooler I plan on running as well

    and here is the upper suport with some tape on it to better visualize it better for those who can see it well in other photos

    thats it for now like I said everything isnt finished welded right now im going to build nearly the whole front end complete then remove it again to weld up everything on the rear of the fenders so everything is tied in correctly and welded in strong plus to add some strengthing gussets and such 8)


    SYKO Simmons

    LOOKING GOOD 😀 🙂 keep up the good work. I want to know why you are using chrome-moly tubing instead of standard hard-wall tubing? We build street-rods and off-road buggies around here and have problems with the chrome-moly tubing cracking and breaking, and the hard-wall would give and return to shape.

    the chomoly will hardly be a problem on this type of car, I used to race atvs and only had one of my aftermarket chomoly frames crack only becouse I was running a cr500 in it and the vibes were tremendous. Being a regular driven car and not getting abused I think it will hold up just fine, plus I like saying its got a partial chomoly frame.. 8)

    brought in the hood today to start its mockup with custom hinges. I didnt want to use the old hinges plus all my new radiator suport structer would be in the way of the stock hinges. So Ive horded a few sets of hinges over the past year or two that I thought may work in this application, I also looked at universal billet hinges but decided against them since they were WAY to much in my book for a pair of hinges :0 .

    hood sitting back on the car 😉 it been nearly 3 years since its been on this car again :0

    and here are the hinges I plan on using the cool thing is that they bolt right into the factory hood hinge spot! that made less fab time for this.

    and here is how low they lay when closed up

    now you may say that these arnt strong enough for the weight of the hood but they suported a trunk of a car that weighed just as much if not more then this hood just fine, also they carry the suport strut inbord of the hinge so everything will be intergrated so its super clean, all I have to do now is add my bottom plate to bolt these hinges in.

    Also if you thinking the hood will not clear with these hinges it will they first lift then fold up so the hood will actually sit straight up 4 inches above the car when installed all the way. 😉

    also got my custom cut plates to complete my regular car battery today. 😎


    SYKO Simmons

    got the main battery box mounted in, started on the wiring and reinstalling the dash so hopefully I can get this beast running again by the end of next week 😎

    all mocked up and tacked in

    and with the battery in

    its both mounted to the main body mount and to the upper support…it isnt going anywhere :biggrin:

    still got to get the threaded sleeve so I can make the battery hold downs both for this battery and the secondary hydro batt then they will be fully secure 😉


    SYKO Simmons

    God, I better have mine done by then. We’ll roll in together to the ROD RUN.

    and that would be quite awesome 😈

    had an extra hour at work so I pulled the doors back out of the back room and sprayed in POR15 al over the inside made sure I got it all in there good I will still shoot some bedliner type material before its done.

    swapmeet tomorow! going to see if I cant loose some mula lol 😎


    SYKO Simmons

    It doesn’t yet look the part but that’s a labour of love. Way to go syko!

    I have a name for your ’62: the squealing pig. It sounded a lot like a squealing pig when you revved it at the end of the video (probably because of a crappy microphone and crappy speakers). 😀


    yea my phone only barely pics up sound 😕

    been putting in some time this week

    welding up some reinforcement brakets were the hood hinges bolt to

    that made the upper front pretty firm feeling 😉

    added the rear hood crossbar so I can mount the hood latch hopeully next week be able to get that all sqared away

    then I decided to hang the doors on here to make sure everything still lines up and the dash clears to the inside of the door was pretty happy that everything went back together so easily and everything fit without any problems :cheesy:

    nothing cooler then FACTORY suicide doors even incomplete! 😎

    hard to see in this photo but its the clearence between the dash and the door, just at 3/8 enough to make a flat portion door panel for that area and still have everything fit correct :0


    SYKO Simmons

    got a bit done this week again

    made a hood latch and striker worked out well got plenty of adjustment now I dont have to worry about the hood flying open while driving in reverse! :0

    the hood striker partly pirated from a chevy trailblazer 😉

    and reusing my stock 99 lincoln hood latch just got to add a lower brace to steady it more, also the phillips screws are temp I plan on putting in nutserts into the crossbar and it will be firmly held in

    also went back over the quarters since they were bare metal cleaned them up and epoxy’d them next week I plan on getting the roof done and putting in the door latches so they stay shut

    bit by bit its comming along 😎


    SYKO Simmons

    chillillillllln in the port 8)

    before I brought it home I stripped the top and got it in black epoxy

    now I need to do a bit more front end reinforcements where everything mounts to the main body then cut the front end off to complete all the finish welding to the framework up front before reattaching it back to the body, then I can finaly get around to putting the front fenders back on and completing the rest of the body work so I can make it a solid rider 😀


    SYKO Simmons

    ok well ive been doing small things here and there just test fitting parts etc etc… did manage to final y buy some tires for my wheels picked up a set of new goodyear 205/70/15 wich came out to be the same height as the original wheel and tire combo so im happy with that. But apon installing my rear wheels I found a new problem the extra width of the 8.8 axle makes my tire scrub the inside of the outside of the rear inner fender (say that three times fast…lol ) so Im going to cut out part of my quarter or the whole quarter (depends on my current mood that day) and re do the outside portion of the inner wheel house so that the tire clears everythig without scrubbing. here are some pics of that

    oh I still have to get some lugnutzz for the rear well…. all of the wheels lol

    here is the new tire compaired to the stock setup (also if anyone did do this and decided on keeping the stockers they wont have a problem scubing, its just these cragers still have a slight positive offset to them.

    also I have to tackle the setback look of the front wheel to the wheelhouse, my plans are to cut the fenders remove from the back 3 inches to set the wheelhouse back some and subseqently add 3 inches to the front to lengthen it.

    also this setback is more noticable when the car is lowered if it was still at stock height its almost unnoticable

    here is the marks for the cuts

    also as an added bonus since im slicin and dicin away at the fenders Im also going to lower the wheelhouse height by 2-3 inches as well by cutting and adding metal above it. Thats marked by the horizontal line above the wheel house, cut there and add the additional metal filler.

    next: found me some shocks for the hood hinges the stock lexus shocks wont hold the hood and I recently junked a 91 towncar well when I was loading it up I debo’d the hood struts and with a little drillin went right on!

    im hoping to pick up my front wheelhouses this weekend so I can start on them but if not im going to start on the back at least

    so while I was bored I slung one of my 99 towncar windo regulators into the drivers door and sorry for the poor picture quality but with minor mods it will bolt in! this will be a major improvement over the original regulators wich in my car are unkown if they even work or not, but never the less now if i have a problem napa here I come!

    and here she sits (she does get to sleep in the carport)

    till next time! :smt006


    SYKO Simmons

    moved along faster then I expected on my first fender so I brought it home to check it out so here are some pics of the process so far.

    here is the fender cut at all the measured lines I wanted to do, one of the guys at the shop commented that I got to cut every panel on my car at least a few times lol

    in this pic I moved the middle portion back 3 inched and lowered it 3 inches leaving the upper gap yet to be filled a few good tack welds and its moving along nicely

    here I cut the offending portions off the fender so it looks like a fender kinda now

    here I started adding the top portion this is just clamped in right now

    here it is all tacked up

    some more of it tacked together

    so here you go BEFORE:

    and AFTER:

    that looks ALOT better.. now the portion of the rear of the wheel lip that still is hanging down is going to stay that way becouse I plan on extending the rockers down that far and that will give a nice custom/factory flow to it where it goes down 8)

    now I got to weld up this fender and just throw it into primer in the meantime untill I get everythign ready for me to complete my body work :smt006

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