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    SYKO Simmons

    finaly had some downtime at work so I decided to start again on the linc, started back on the front end so I can make the car whole again.

    first I finished welding up my sectioned drivers fender that was previously only tacked together

    then I cut the passenger fender and tacked it together

    set the fenders aside for right now and went to the front end

    first removing the rear portion of the inner fender to gain access to my tubbing to finish weld it and creat a lower cowl

    then I created a lower cowl out of sheet metal to catch water and run it off plus give strength
    (note the metal is actually clean just discolored like crazy)

    side run offs

    welded in drain bungs (wich work fabulous btw! lol)

    all welded in good

    cleaned up and the whole rear section was POR15’d rear well

    then all the seames and edges were seam sealed with FUSOR 800EZ some of the best seam sealer on the market

    pretty much the rear cowl area is now complete less a few minor details, I will paint over the POR15 and the seam sealer as yet.


    SYKO Simmons

    IM ALIVE!! and so is my LINC!!!

    just started on sheetmetal work again!!

    started doing the lowered rocker on the drivers side, I plan on doing rough body work to the drivers side before I jump on the passenger side.

    my Daytona and Black Sunshine…comtemplating shinanigans on the road together

    I now have all the sheetmetal to complete my car so im thinking through the summer all body work will be completed so I can hopefully get some color on it before the fall and winter shows…then its onto the interior!! 😀


    SYKO Simmons

    just a few minor updates

    screwing off….trying an idea off the HAMB…

    not bad!!

    the paint is holding up for the most part as my car is now daily driven again…. its cracked but still holding ok…. so for a time being idea it works out ok. KRYLON fusion paint one can will do all four tires ( I grinded and buffed a tire prior) I only did one as a test.

    got back on the sheetmetal work and finished up the lowered rocker on the left side

    also put a piece on my right sectioned fender

    threw on some black primer and put my lake pipe back on, registered and new insurance and hopped back on the road

    hows this? 70mph+ 25mpg+ and 60 deg ac kickin on the interstate…. hows your project going? 😈 :smt006


    SYKO Simmons

    soo this is how the story goes….me and my GF were going to a 311 concert in Tampa Fl july 23… awesome!!! planned on taking her car (Nissan maxima) now I did say we could take the the big linc but agreed we would roll the maxi…..she shows up late july 23… and says “we’re taking the lincoln 😯 ” I was like ok, but I didn’t even get it ready for a trip… never the less I was confident in my build so far that it could make it. So we ripped out of the drive on the way to tampa 😈

    rolling down the interstate 😉

    made it there no problems running 75-85 the whole time 😈


    rolling around hustlin 8)

    next day went out to Clearwater beach 😀
    it drew a crowd everywhere it parked never a thumbs down and lots of questions :smt028

    then back onto the long drive home
    nearly 700 miles later in just two days through rough weather and roads she made it back without any problems :smt023


    SYKO Simmons

    photo shoot my freind was doing she wanted my car in it, so I reflatted her and put on the peak moulding (first time on car since I picked it up) these are just some tease pics when I get finished pics ill post some more 😀 :smt006


    SYKO Simmons

    few more pics from the Photoshoot


    SYKO Simmons

    got the exhaust up and in!! it still dosnt have the mufflers on yet but its complete and man its not at loud as I expected in fact at interstate speeds its got a wicked sweet growl going. Cant wait to get the muffs on it (2 chamber 40 series flowmasters) and hear it then!

    Made the the midepipe fully removable wich made the whole build cleaner and easier, once I get the muffs on and run it a bit ill take it all off and coat the exhaust so it will last longer

    all the pipes out and welded up

    midpipe in the car

    hard to see rear… put slight turn downs on it that barely peek out from under the bumper right now if I had some bellflower tips I may have gone and put them on 😀

    im pretty happy with the outcome so far

    oh complimentary lift shot



    SYKO Simmons

    took her out to an indoor toys for tots christmass car show… had ALOT of questions… hell most people didnt even know what kind of car it was… let alone whats been done to it. Guy in a 63 T-bird showed up wich made some cool pics 😀

    and one of her and my truck hanging out continplating shinanigans 😈


    SYKO Simmons

    im a looser…. only pic I took while welding on the passenger fender….durrr….

    in any case the passenger fender is fully welded now, I also cut the patch for the right rear quarter and did some other things then the fuel pump finaly quit so shes chilling at a freinds house untill my new pump comes in hopefully today or tomorow…. then its jack it WAY up and remove the tank….grrrr 👿 :smt011


    SYKO Simmons

    got the fuel pump in wich much fuss!

    started right back up…but… apparently this fuel pump works so well or the old was so bad that the pressure is up and while it runs better I think my fuel filter is now clogged up…grrrr…at least its right on the frame and $12 lol… Now I got to put on a new intake, since mine is cracked and has been well since I got the car. Its only ever weeped alittle but now its finaly starting to look like it may bust at any time…no biggie a easy and quick replace. ALso fixed my exhaust wich was not hanging even on the back…uggg!!


    SYKO Simmons

    tired of riding around looking at the insides of my doors :smt011 and had never really put much thought into exactly what and how I was going to do for door panels… But after getting sick of seeing the insides in my spare bits at work have cut and fabbed some panels… I got only the drivers side done the passenger is just the sheetmetal yet and nothing but a stock door panel in the rear as of yet

    so far im happy with the outcome and can see where they are headed and the finished product one day when they are upholstered.

    my main concern as I cant have my vent window crank as my dash is to close 👿 dont some models have electric vent windows? can I adapt those to mine? :think:


    SYKO Simmons

    Wixom, my panels where complete but raggedy… that metal armrest is actually the stock inner metal off the original drivers door but had to be shortened as the 99 dash extends out further than the 62… I think Ill complete the metal work on the drivers door panel this week so I can and everybody else better visualize the end product.

    I got some of my material and and started doing the body work to the car finaly… I want some color on this unit this year!!

    started with the front right side, did a bunch of grinding and hammer/dolly work prior to wiping it with a skim coat of long strand filler

    I got that knocked down and then coated it with some high grade filler….dont worry its all skim coats…ill put it in primer tomorow.

    it allready makes me feel better knowing that im constantly making progress…. I also did some work on the front just above the grill since its always been beat to crap… got it smoothed out as well, im going for june for paint possibly!


    SYKO Simmons

    ok finally had the chance to post again…

    here is the right fender in primer after rough body work…. it turned out pretty good so far

    heres an update on the drivers door panel, now you can kinda see where im headed

    ill post some more pics after this weekend of everything as well.

    oh and got my two chambers in!!! whoot!!!

    just waiting on my exhaust gaskets and ill hook these babies up next week!


    SYKO Simmons

    got the drivers fender in rough bodywork and primer today

    and smoothed out and primed my remolded drivers arm rest.

    tomorow ill probably put the drivers interior door together so everyone can get an idea how it will be when done.

    oh btw….Am I the only one that is putting in work now?


    SYKO Simmons

    got my new intake painted today 😎

    Ill paint some more engine parts when I take them off when I put the intake on :think:

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